Hans Lindner, Prisoner of War

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Title: Hans Lindner, Prisoner of War
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Hans Lindner, Prisoner of War

Hans Lindner was captured by the Red Army on May 9, 1945 on Hel Peninsula/Prussia. Later on, he was registered in POW camp no. 401/9 (at that time located in Smolensk, SSSR).

Subsequently, Hans Lindner was also kept in the following POW camps:

401/1 Izdeshkovo, Gshatsk (today: Gagarin), Smolensk Oblast

401/4 Kolesniki, Svishchevo, km 282, Smolensk Oblast (later: Pokotilovka, Krasnograd, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine)

401/24 Kharkiv, Ukraine

149/2 Kharkiv, Ukraine

On July 8, 1949, Hans Lindner was finally transferred to camp no. 69 in Frankfurt/Oder for repatriation and released to German authorities on July 15, 1949.

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Hans Georg Günther Lindner
July 31, 1921
101 Frankfurt Oder, Germany
4 April 8, 1999
24 77 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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